Serneke - Tornet #9

“Coming in at a height of 245 meters (803 feet), Scandinavia’s tallest building will not only add around 600 new residential units to the port city’s Lindholmen district, it will also anchor a planned mixed-use district in Sweden’s second-largest city. At the urban scale, the tower’s signature mid-rise twist creates a spectacular public landmark in Gothenburg, signaling a new chapter in its sustainable development.”

Director/editor: Nicklas Lärka

Producer: Claes Bergerlind

Account Manager: Lotten Hellström Lidgard

Cinematography London: Emil Gottschlag Ludvigsen

Cinematography Göteborg: Jens Dohnberg

VO: Hannna Rasmuson

3D: Rickard Nilsson


Client: Serneke

Agency: OTW