Asus – Republic of gamers

”Join the Republic Community Challenge is a annual global CS:GO and League of Legends competition inviting all gamers to participate to be part of a team that will play in the global finals.

A team is build out from 1 Captain who will audition 4 gamers to his or her team. The gamers will need both in-game and social skills to make it into the team. The Captains will select gamers to his or her team they will feel confident leading in the global finals. Once the final members are set the team will attend a bootcamp to build both team spirit and in-game chemistry.

Once the 16 teams are built they will travel to the Global Finals. An event with all true eSport elements and the opportunity for this selected gamers to experience their idols life for a weekend. Everything will be broadcasted from Monster Energy Dreamhack Studios in Stockholm, Sweden.

Everything can be followed on ROG social media channels from the start at ChinaJoy to the finish at the Global Finals in January 2018 at Monster Energy Dreamhack Studios in Stockholm, Sweden.”

24 episode were created from around the globe. This is the Korean bootcamp episode.


Client: Asus – Republic of Gamers

Agency: Business Club Royale